State Aid

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State Aid

In identifying and selecting alternative project financing options, Abraxas also aims to make full use of available state aid so as to optimise project costs. We help businesses obtain exemptions from taxes and tax incentives for research and development and environmental protection.

An important area of our competences is support for foreign and national investors in negotiating state aid packages. We have participated in multi-stage negotiations with national and local government representatives to obtain the best terms of assistance for planned investments. We also support our clients in applying for aid from Community programmes and in finding partners for the implementation of international projects.

We help our clients prepare the necessary documentation related state aid application, including

  • a business plan for the investment and
  • a feasibility study

The services we render include comprehensive analysis of investment plans and factors influencing their execution.

Our solutions are tailored to meet the clients' individual needs, since we understand how documentation necessary to apply for public aid is governed by different rules than that for financial institutions.

We assist companies in obtaining favourable interpretations and decisions in appeals against the institutions' decisions. Our requests for reexamination of a case are supported by in-depth analysis of the business.

We advise our clients in talks held and arrangements made with those national bodies responsible for granting public aid, as well as with the European Commission. Furthermore, we assist clients who execute large investment projects in notifying the aid to the European Commission, if the case may be.