Orderly Wind-Downs and Voluntary Liquidation

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Orderly Wind-Downs and Voluntary Liquidation

When the management of a company or the shareholders become aware that a subsidiary or a division of a company/factory is under-performing and decide upon its closing, ABRAXAS assists them to identify the best exit option.

We arrive on the scene to create and implement an exit strategy that maximizes recovery for all creditors and shareholders - while minimizing costs and future liabilities.

The main services that ABRAXAS provides in an orderly wind-down for optimizing recovery potential are:

  • Analysis on how to extract value from cash flow, operations, assets, and potential exit scenarios;
  • Developing the exit/liquidation plan and choosing the best methods for implementing it;
  • Reducing the likelihood of future liabilities by using the insolvency law as a roadmap;
  • Identifying the right potential buyers;
  • Selling the company's assets and pay all the company's creditors and the shareholders;
  • Performing the prerogatives of a liquidator in a voluntary liquidation procedure.