Distressed M & A

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Distressed M&A

Our team with extensive corporate finance, legal and turnaround expertise could advise you throughout the complex processes of buying, selling or restructuring financially troubled companies, in order to achieve maximum value.

Our Distressed M&A team assists potential investors with assessing such opportunities, including:

  1. identifying and evaluating distressed company targets, including an analysis of the target's capital structure and the identification of opportunities and risks.
  2. identifying potential value enhancing strategies for the target.
  3. exploring options available to resolve financial challenges.
  4. examining strategic bid alternatives, including consensual turnarounds, rescue financings, passive discounted/distressed debt investing, loan-to-own, reorganisation plan sponsorship, and buy under insolvency proceedings, as well as evaluating the associated insolvency issues and tax ramifications of each option.
  5. advising on the actions required to achieve goals, including assisting investors in managing the acquisition process by analyzing bid procedures, constructing competing bids, participating in authorized auction processes, and navigating accelerated sales.

On the sell side, our team of will work closely with management to:

  1. assess the company's situation and the market conditions by reviewing credit exposures and documentation; advising on corporate governance and compliance issues; and assessing customer, employee, vendor, and creditor relations.
  2. insulate the company from liability and its officers and directors from personal liability by ensuring proper documentation of board actions.
  3. evaluate and develop alternative strategies, including implementing cash conservation techniques, an immediate sale of all or a portion of the business to realize remaining value, a refinancing through an out-of-court transaction, such as an equity infusion or a consensual restructuring to reduce debt or debt services, or an insolvency-related process.
  4. execute a transaction, including structuring and documenting deals, arranging financing, and obtaining regulatory approvals in a way that withstands stakeholder challenges.