Business Reviews and Assessments

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Business Reviews and Assessments

Where businesses are underperforming, in distress, or in crisis, we provide tailored business review services either for financial stakeholders or for the business itself. The business review provides a clear view of the position, the problems and the options, which are a pre-requisite to support decision-making. Financial stakeholders have concerns about a business they have an interest in and wish to appoint an independent consultant to review that business and its perspectives. Businesses need to better understand the reasons for their underperformance and the available options.

Often engaged by both parties we undertake a full business review assessing past performance, future performance based on a business plan, business controls, cash management, agreements, marketing and sales plans, people, assets and liabilities.

Without an outside perspective, a business might carry on striving forever, without identifying the change that will create a breakthrough. We provide the necessary perspective and business planning skills. A business review or formal business assessment reveals hidden potential and opportunities.

The objectives of our independent business review report are to establish or reconfirm:

  • clarity - as it clarifies the current financial and/or operational status of a business for both parties,
  • scope - as it provides an independent understanding of the causes of decline,
  • seeds for recovery - as it allows for a clearer evaluation of the available options and developing profit and stakeholder recovery plans
  • trust between the business and its financial stakeholders.

The Business Review's scope is tailored to the needs of the stakeholders, but typically covers:

  • Finance position, cash needs, risks and sensitivities;
  • Analysis of markets, positioning & advantage;
  • Management and organisation review.
  • Strategy for survival, turnaround and for growth based on the options identified.

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