ABRAXAS MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING is a young company offering a full range of professional services including the management of crisis, designing and implementation of turnarounds, interim management, the provision of financial, operational and strategic advice to lenders, creditors and directors, distressed mergers & acquisitions, receiverships, administrations and liquidations. For more than a decade now, the cofounders of the company have been involved in projects of corporate change.

We address the needs of small and middle market companies in difficulty or in crisis and their stakeholders.  We work with stakeholders in troubled and seriously under-performing businesses, with buyers to help them find businesses that meet their criteria, and we help business owners develop achievable turnaround or exit strategies. We provide specialized knowledge and technical skills that the companies do not have in all stages of organizational change, whether considered managing rapid growth, turnarounds or exits.

Our main goals are to rescue the companies either in full or their profitable operations while providing stakeholders’ protection or recovery of their business interests’ value. When consulted early, we have the maximum opportunity to reverse the companies’ competitive declines and to eventually protect the value of lenders, trade creditors and equity providers. As formal insolvency proceedings are usually a last resort, they are sometimes necessary to protect the debtor companies and their creditors and to ensure maximum value recovery as well.

We provide detailed and timely professional advice, business plans, independent business reviews, reorganization plans, preventive concordat plans, and agreements with creditors and debtors.

Our team comprises highly experienced professionals in management, corporate restructuring and insolvency. We have specialists who have hands-on experience in management and/or regularly acted on all types of insolvency or restructuring cases, including financing engagements, judicial administrations, solvent and insolvent liquidations.